Our Partners

Our Skai Partnership

Allied Digital Strategies works with the top partners in the digital industry. This allows our teams to provide solutions for businesses both large and small. Powered by the Skai™ marketing technology, we drive campaign performance and efficiencies for our clients. With an open-line of communication with Skai, our teams work together and continue to grow our unique partnership. Through monthly strategy sessions, we remain at the forefront of new tools, upcoming feature-sets, emerging partnerships with Skai, and recently released initiatives from the Publishers.

Our Client Partnerships

We believe in building a partnership with each client, which can only be accomplished through our commitment to investing the time, resources, and expertise that allows them to thrive.  Our success is measured by our clients’ successes.

Skai’s Open Architecture and Agile Mindset promotes new technologies and data sets to be incorporated seamlessly through pre-build API’s or simple FTP processes.  We leverage this flexibility to create customized solutions – never asking our clients to follow a standard ‘technology playbook.’  

We begin our client-partnerships with a discovery call, where we learn about your business, existing technology partners, key initiatives.  We’re passionate about helping our customers achieve their goals and look forward to our first discovery session with your team!

Platforms and Publishers

Platforms and Publishers

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